Sex Tape


I often go through phase-like music binges, meaning I’ll play the shit out of a certain artist until my Dr.Dre Beats make my ears bleed. Recently, I’ve been playing Canadian born singer Jenna Andrews’ Sex Tape EP, released this past May exclusively for Rap-UP. The EP consists of covers from The Dream (“Rockin’ That Shit Like”), Jeremih (“Birthday Sex”) and Usher (“Climax”) but my two favorite tracks are “Don’t Stop It Babe” and “Charge Me”. Her vocal delivery on these R&B tracks are a mix of soul and folk, but it’s not a cheap imitation like those girls singing covers of rap songs with their dumb ukulele on YouTube. It actually sounds authentic.

I couldn’t tell you why I’ve been listening to this particular body of work so much. Maybe it’s because I’m facing another season as a sad single. It’s a body of work dedicated to the body of a significant other and the many things one can do with that body. Music allows us to get lost in ideas, we create an emotional attachment to each lyric or vocal run. We create our own meaning for each song, this particular EP allows me to just get lost in the idea that it is possible to think so highly of someone that you’d dedicate songs to them. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic or a silly dreamer but it’s all I got. Also, this EP is titled SEX TAPE and a man has needs.


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